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A movement happens when people gather around a single idea or cause and do something about it". We are living in violent times. We can no longer allow the architects of hatred and violence to control the narrative. The launch of EMBRACE ALL The Movement is designed to communicate love within and beyond the rainbow with messages of Love is Love no matter what! We believe the message of LOVE is LOVE = Love Thy Neighbor.

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The Movement

The Movement

In the beginning….Love is Love started as a greeting card company and has expanded its product line to include an assortment of logo branded gifts and apparel for every season, reason and holiday.

Originally named Same Gender Love, the founder; Marvelous Marva Laws re-branded and renamed the company LOVE is LOVE, a name that portrays a message that we seek to exhibit that LOVE IS LOVE.

The unique greeting cards help initiate those often uncomfortable, difficult, awkward conversations that we need, want and should have are amazingly done in a most loving and caring way by the Founder /Artist/Author; Marvelous Marva. She takes readers on the most fascinating and beautiful journey to delicately disarm and celebrate while educating and providing open mindedness, acceptance and LOVE.

Although the greeting cards are aimed at a message that is inclusive to all, LOVE is LOVE was initially aimed at the LGBTQ community and pet lovers. Well… we are expanding the narrative of Love is Love.

Our tagline says it best “Communicating Within and Beyond the Rainbow. We created Embrace All The Movement to give an authentic voice to the real meaning of love within and beyond the LGBTQ community. Love isn’t exclusive to one community, one cause, one ethnicity, LOVE IS LOVE. Within Embrace All The Movement we promise to always have a heartbeat of love in all we do and say and help spread the message of love.